Kenya Flowrescente: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Kenya Flowrescente

Kenya Flowrescente: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Kenya Flowrescente (FB, YouTube & @flowrescentekenya) is coming to us from Puebla, Mexico. She fell in love with the power of the circle after finding a way to express herself, feeling her spirit rise. Today she’s known for her hula hoop skills with balance, manipulation, multi-hooping, isolations and flow. As an attendee at Hoopcamp 2014, her performance blew everyone away and we’re excited to have her back this year to share her mad skills. She’s participated in Periplo, Circonvencion Mexicana, Encuentro de Malabares, the Toluca All Star Circus, Puebla Proyecto Balam, Monterrey Summer Hooping, Movimiento Vortex, and Huladiccion and is an illustrator and graphic designer when she’s not spinning up her magic.

Finding Balance

Come learn the basic steps for getting good balance with the hula hoop on different parts of the body including the head, front, elbows and hands. Then we’ll work through several balance finding exercises with our hoops while on the floor, as well as explore new forms for a dance sequence with hoop balance. Finally, we’ll look at ways to play with balance with two hula hoops at once.

2 & 3 Hoop Manipulations

Come learn new ways to manipulate two and three hula hoops at once. We’ll learn nice isolations with two hoops, as well as exercises and tricks for to get a good dynamic sequence together combining diferent ways to catch hoops, and play with multihoop isolations and rolls.