Jennifer Dennehy: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Jennifer Dennehy

Jennifer Dennehy: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Born in Buffalo, New York, USA, Jennifer Dennehy (Website, FB, YouTube & @jdennehy_dancer) began her dance training at the age of 3. Trained in ballet, modern, tap, jazz, African, hip-hop, hoop and creative dance, she Holds a BA in Psychology from Mercyhurst University and trained in Creative Dance @ LUNA Dance’s Summer Institute in Berkeley, California. Currently, Jennifer dances with Dafmark Dance Company, teaches 15 weekly hoop classes in Erie, Pennsylvania, and is a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Teaching Artist. Her latest endeavors include integrating creative dance practices into hoop dance, choreographing for dance companies/hoop troops, training in Cyr Wheel and teaching PA Standards Based curriculum (math, science, writing) through hoop dance and creative dance in schools. Additionally, Jennifer was awarded the 2015 Bruce Morton Wright Artist of the Year by Erie Arts & Culture and also received two Top Hat Awards, 2015 Outstanding HoopDance Choreographer and 2015 Modern Contemporary Hoopdance Fusion.

Hoop Dance Composition

We’ll utilize the elements of Dance; Space (Place, Size, Level, Focus, Pathway, Direction), Time (tempo, duration, rhythm, meter, accent), Energy (Flow, Weight, Quality), Relationship, Body Awareness, and Movement (locomotor & non-locomotor) to construct our own unique hoop dances. Participants can choose to work in small groups or alone utilizing specially developed worksheets to guide us through the choreographic process. Each worksheet targets creating a hoop dance developed around one particular element of dance. After each group creates their dance they present what they have created to the other participants and receive constructive feedback to develop their dance even further. If time allows each group can modify their dance taking the constructive feedback into account and perform again.

Dance Technique Meets Hooping

As a trained dancer with over 29 years in ballet, modern, tap, jazz, african, hip-hop, and creative dance, Jennifer specializes in infusing dance techniques (turns, jumps, footwork, floorwork) with hooping. In this workshop you’ll learn various dance techniques, then we’ll look at what hoop techniques pair with them while encouraging participants to explore finding their own unique way to pair their preferred hooping style with newly learned dance techniques. At the end participants will learn a movement sequence incorporating these dance techniques together.