Jasmine Kienne: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Jasmine Kienne: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Jasmine Kienne Hoopcamp 2017

Jasmine Kienne: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Jasmine Kienne (FB, YouTube & @hothoopdancemama) lives in Austin, Texas, USA, and she began hoop dancing in October of 2012. FitnessHoopDance certified, Jasmine teaches live hoop dance classes and private lessons all over central Texas, as well as online via FaceTime and Skype. During the summer months she enjoys traveling all over America presenting her single and double hooping workshops. Nominated for Hoopie Awards in 3 categories in 2016, and four in 2017. She recently scored her first win too and is 2017’s Hooper of the Year 40+. She’s sponsored by Katie Emmitt Hoops and is absolutely thrilled to be spreading the love of this beautiful flow art through performance and pedagogy. Check out her Hoopcamp 2017 classes:

Twin Hooping Hybrids & Atomics

This workshop is intended for all levels and includes beginner to intermediate material taught in a clear and natural progression. In this workshop we will explore the eight main hybrid elements as well as three atomic elements and how they fit together to create visually-pleasing shapes. We will explore throughout the course of the workshop, genres of concepts and create combinations of skills that fit within them too. This workshop is designed to help the participant learn how to explore twin hooping in a whole new light and unlock skill sets within their own level of expertise.

Twin Hooping Smear Variations

Using the smear as a gateway to transitions in twin hooping is something I have found to be monumental to my twin flow. I will focus my teachings on how to incorporate some beginner to intermediate smear skills into basic twin flow to give a more framed look to the art of twin hooping including skills such as Smear vs Isolation-Gyroscope, Smear vs Folding Half Extension, Smear vs Extension, Smear vs VLI (Vertical Linear Isolation), Smear vs HLI (Horizontal Linear Isolation), Smear vs Pendulum, Smear vs Fold, Forward Weave vs Smear, Reverse Weave vs Smear, Cascading Smear Weave, Smear Fountain – and more if time allows.

Solar Eclipse Closing Hoopjam with Sunshine Jones

Solar Eclipse Closing Hoopjam with Sunshine Jones

Solar Eclipse Closing Hoopjam with Sunshine Jones

The biggest celestial event this year is taking place during the biggest annual event for hoopers – Hoopcamp! How big is it? Well, it’s the first total solar eclipse to occur over the United States since 1979, and it’s the first to go coast to coast since 1918. For the astrologically inclined we were told the eclipse is in Leo trine Uranus in Aries – “so it has liberation written all over it!”

We knew we wanted to do something special for the closing of Hoopcamp this year, something really memorable, and we’ll see about an 85% solar eclipse in Boulder Creek on Monday morning. So what could bring us all that feel good, solar wonder, heart liberation, hoop dance transformational closure we were hoping for? My personal dream was that Sunshine Jones of Dubtribe Sound System would come to perform live at this once in a lifetime hoopjam. So I tracked him down, talked to him about the significance of it all, and I’m so happy to announce that Sunshine Jones is coming to Hoopcamp. He’ll be playing a very special live analog performance just for us. We’re super freakin psyched!

Solar Eclipse Closing Hoopjam with Sunshine Jones The man behind Dubtribe Sound System, Treehouse Muzique, King Street Sounds, Cosmic Disco and Sunday Soul has been producing some truly delicious house music for years. He spent the 1990’s traveling the world with Moonbeam Jones and distinguished themselves as performers rather than replaying their recordings, often bringing their own sound, lights, and traveling family with them. But unlike its few North American counterparts, Dubtribe departed from the warehouse movement to establish itself as a grass-roots tour de force, refusing help, press, or money from any outside interests. Loop’s 9 year anniversary in Tokyo made for a fantastic beginning for Sunshine’s solo work too, and he’s been singularly blowing our minds ever since. He’s also been challenging what dance music is too, often never raising the tempo above 118 bpm. Instead, he uses musical force, live vocals, loops and effects to simply take us somewhere deeper and greater.

So join us for something very special at Hoopcamp 2017, a closing hoopjam during the the most significant solar eclipse of our era with Sunshine Jones. If you plan to observe the eclipse itself, remember: never look directly at the sun without proper eye protection as serious and permanent eye damage can result. Proper eye protection can include specially made solar filters, eclipse glasses or No. 14 welder’s glasses. You can also observe the eclipse indirectly, by making a pinhole camera.

So this year when you’re making your travel plans for Hoopcamp 2017, don’t plan on returning home Monday morning. Schedule your stay so you can be with us for the whole shebang and this very special Hoopcamp 2017 finale. It promises to be a most magical hoop experience, and when you combine it with everything else at Hoopcamp this year, Hoopcamp 2017 is an experience you must not miss.

Warrior Within: Hoopcamp 2017

Warrior Within Warrior Within clothing is made for women in motion, living deliberately, fully, building communities and knowing the power and rippling impact of their actions. The all-in-one garment — the “Onesie” — is the freeing, comfort bodyglove for life. Our Onesie wearers are all around the globe, hooping, dancing, smiling their way through life. Together we are a tribe, living from our hearts, pursuing and sharing our happiness.  We are seekers, we are powerful, we are simply ourselves, and we look good doing it.

Dance Hoops: Hoopcamp 2017

dance hoops Shannon “Inertia” Sealey of Dance Hoops has been hooping since 2008 in the Northern California hoop scene! She loves to share all of her hooping knowledge. From the very beginning, her hoop designs were ideas that stuck in her mind like an image she wished she could draw. “I had a hard time finding affordable hoops – and little to NO clue what I needed to buy in the first place. I would work my job after school for a month and save up to buy the tape. I continued to buy tapes with very little direction about their ultimate purpose.” Today she’s making beautiful, amazing and affordable hoops and will help you find just the right one for you too.

TrinityStarr Hoops: Hoopcamp 2017

Trinitystarr Nessia and Ron Starr, co-creators of TrinityStarr, share the belief that hoopdance unifies and connects the body, mind and spirit.  Through the art of hoopdance our bodies become fluid with movement, our mind peaceful and quiet, and our spirit, elevated. Our goal is to share this love, philosophy, and passion with our community by providing beautiful, hand crafted hoops, teaching hoop classes and being an active participant in the hooping community. We feel that every hoop should be created with love and special attention. TrinityStarr crafts a wide variety of hoops and we specialize in Travel Sectional Hoops, PolyPro Hoops and Custom Hoops. No matter where you are in your hooping journey we have the right hoop for you. All TrinityStarr Hoops are infused with positive Hoop vibes and loving energy.