What is Superhooper? We represent a dance culture that specializes in bringing you out of your comfort zone with play. A rising flow style that focuses on the smooth and meditative movements of the entire body. Hoop dancing creates magic and brings movement to your life. Remember! “Your BODY is the paintbrush, and your imagination is the canvas.”
What are we offering?
Affordable LED hoops in both HDPE and Polypro tubing, Grip Day hoops, Mini hoops, and Polypro hoops in 21 COLORS!

Radhas Love Designs

The inspiration for Radhas Love Designs comes from the Hindu Goddess Radha who is the embodiment of pure love and is often depicted in flowered headdresses. A fusion of tribal and steam fairy punk, each headdress, adornment, piece of clothing or jewelry celebrates the spirit of Radha and flows from the heart.All clothes are made for active women in movement perfect for everyday, festivals, performances and celebrating your inner goddess, fairy or lioness within. All of us have great beauty and mystery in our souls, Radhas Love Designs’ seeks a visual expression of that beauty and mystery. We aim to design clothing and adornments that make women of all ages and body types feel and look beautiful.

Anahata Designs/Infiniti Now

Born of a love of traveling, sculpting and leatherwork in 2007, Anahata Designs strives to translate the magic of places sacred into the language of the beautiful West Coast, creating form pleasing, wearable art sculptures that speak to the heart.

Infiniti Now aims to provide timeless style with a sustainably green and organic influence. Using organic materials whenever possible, and deeply influenced by architecture and sacred geometry, our pieces are designed to be worn in a variety of ways and settings. Many pieces are customizable in a variety of ways and can include custom stonework, brass bits, and chain… ♥

We teamed up to harmoniously express both the lush textures of nature and the stark architectural symmetry of the urban landscape… and to make a baby…

Whether personally creating whimsical one-of-a-kind items for our own amusement, or crafting the perfect thing for the perfect someone,we love what we do… From jackets to shorts, jewelry to gloves, hats to masks, our work is ever evolving and changing. We’re deeply involved in all areas of production, drafting patterns, making samples, and hand detailing finished pieces.

We believe in the holistic integrity of a unique product which demands intention from its conception to its final stage, therefore we strive to form long term, lasting, and fair trade relationships with our tailors and suppliers.

Clothing and accessories should be a fun and functional extension of our characters, our beliefs, values and identities, what you wear is Sacred and conveys a message.
The power and nature of this message is partly determined by the strength of the intention that led to its creation, and how bright you SHINE while wearing it…♥♥♥

Hoodance Fundamentals: Isolations, Angles, & Shapes with GroovinMegzz

Isolations, angles and shapes with GroovinMegzz

In this workshop we will be working with single hoop isolations of varied styles and hand grips. As we master the isolation, we will begin to manipulate it in space:  up and down, around our bodies, adding pivots and pops and drops. We will begin to approach our hoop as it is our charcoal pencil and we are drawing lines and shapes with our hoops through space. Tracing the biggest to the smallest circles, isolating the beat and moving to music in a unique mind-visual experience!
This workshop is geared for beginner hoop dancers but all levels are encouraged to attend.

GroovinMegzz is a multiple prop performance artist who works towards inspiring others to shine from within. Through dance, movement,  fitness and nutrition. She has been hoop dancing for over 9 years and the hoop community holds a very special place in her heart. She’s been fortunate to lead movement workshops all over the country and attend Hoop Camp Retreat for all 7 years of it’s existence.  Megz is the founder of The Hooping Body  which is about embracing the fact that we are athletes of the plastic circle. It’s a practice that requires time and dedication to our bodies! Her goal is to inspire all Hoop Dancers to work on their physical conditioning outside of the hoop by strengthening and focusing on flexibility and in turn feel the benefits of this inside the hoop.

Anah Reichenbach: Partner Hooping with Hoopalicious

Partner Hooping with Hoopalicious

Partner hooping or “Tandem Hooping”  is fun, playful and unlike any other hooping you will ever do! Hooping together is truly special and It is my great pleasure to guide you and a friend towards full partner hoop flow. Please bring a buddy and get ready to feel a new kind of connection and dance flow!

If you have a hoop over 48 inches please bring one. I will have some to play with but the more the merrier!


Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach has spent the last 17 years performing, teaching and generally obsessing on everything hoop. Credited by many as the founder of the modern incarnation of Hoop Dance, she loves nothing more than to incite hoopiness in others and to guide people to full freedom of expression in the hoop. Her earthly benchmarks are too many to mention but you can find them listed on