Hoop Hooligans-Mini Hoop Maddness

Mini Hoop Maddness
Exploring the world of mini hoops, delving into transformational shapes creating structures and spheres. The Hoop Hooligans will take you on a journey of play in their workshop not only teaching technique but also having fun.

This workshop will touch on Isolations, Swizzles, Jinxs and Fuzzles. Looking into the grid and playing with squares, figure 8’s and looking for the spaces in between to find transition. Talking about how to make well behaved shapes on a wall plane.
Join the Hoop Hooligans for this dynamic and curious workshop where the playful world of mini hoops comes to life.


Hoop Hooligans are a hoop Duo from New Zealand. proficient at play these boys love to create silliness. Through the world of mini hoops they have found a way to transport people into there world of imagination, traveling to space or hoop archery are among the things you can expect when there tomfoolery is around! Along with there play they will also being exploring into the world of tech isolation, folds and partner spacing, sharing there knowledge of twins, quads and native American inspired shapes.

Rewi Elffyre, is a creature of many talents not only is he a proficient object manipulator and mini hooper, but he is also a spectacular glass blower and a rocking Electro Swing DJ,who is often the life of the party.

The Quizzical Mr Jeff has spent many years wowing the public across New Zealand  traveling with Circuc Aotearoa, learning how to entertain an inspire audiences never passing and up an opportunity to make a new friend with some fancy shapes. a proficient and highly skilled object manipulator his mind if full of patterns ready to teach couch and inspire.

The Hoop Hooligans have been working together since 2010 working with many different partner disciplines until they came across there love of the small hoop. Now every where they go you can see them coming from afar with they stacks of mini hoops ready to create a ruckus every which way they can.

inks for videos 
Quad Hoop Tech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsFl78bqJso 
Native American and Show Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOc5unb46bw 

Mr Jeffs Circus routine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVyuAU29X0c 


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