Hoopcamp News: Mid-August!

As of today, August 14th, we have just 6 weeks until Hoopcamp!
The count-down keeps spinning us towards the magic. We’ve added so much in the last few weeks and we want to share the big news with you!

Most importantly, we are excited about really exploring our Hoops-Giving theme this year. Just by joining our gathering and participating wholeheartedly you are already expressing the huge value that sharing your energy and passion with other creative and inspiring people brings.


To help us live and dance our theme of giving and receiving in community we are asking for you to bring your gratitude for all that hooping has spun in and out of your life and then reach down into that well of JOY that gets activated by being in the zone with so many amazing people at our magical Tibetan Sanctuary- and pull out your gratefulness- to post on our **GREAT WALL OF GRATITUDE**
Manila luggage tags like the one in the image above will be provided for you. Bring other items to hang as we co-create together.

We all have gifts to share and tapping into our unique gifts and talents and then sharing them is our birthright and spins out JOY and HAPPINESS.

**Let’s CIRCULATE our gifts at our Hoops-Giving Celebration!**

On each dining table at Hoopcamp we will place a basket of manila gift tags. To participate, write down your gift you would like to share with someone at Hoopcamp. It can be teaching a move, giving a 5 min massage, showing someone how to do something that you know, a compliment, sharing your favorite quote or poem, or something that you’ve made or brought- just whatever moves you to share. Then over the course of our gathering find someone to GIVE that gift too.
The gifts of the gathering will be IN MOTION at Hoopcamp 2014!

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Sassis Collections

Sassis is Socially Responsible, Eco-Friendly, American Made and Organic.
Our goal is to provide beautiful & sustainable clothing that is good for the wearer & the environment by using sustainable business practices to provide and encourage healthy, safe, and prosperous working conditions for everyone involved from seed to showroom.
We have styles for movement and meditation, casual day wear, and professional – all in organic and eco-friendly fabrics.
We are taking orders through our website to deliver in person at HoopCamp, or browse our pieces along with the other vendors.
Visit our website at www.OrganicEffort.com to see our clothing and the BE Body moisturizing body care line.

Nectar Creations

Offering high quality dance, yoga, surf, and casual lifestyle clothing!  Focusing on natural materials! We use organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and other wonderful materials to create a clothing line that is fun, practical, classy, and tastefully sexy!!  Very easy to wear while hooping, stretching, dancing, doing yoga or strutting into your favorite cafe!  We love your body and strive to make clothing that fits all shapes and sizes! Using materials that stretch in all the right places, moving with your body, while flattering every element of it.  With two new store locations, one on Pacific Ave in downtown Santa Cruz as well as Paia, Maui you know your getting wearable quality!
3 Nectar Creations store locations:
120 Hana Hwy #9 Paia, Maui 96779
1325 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
330 Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Soul Flow Poi by Jinju Dasalla

Soul Flow Poi by Jinju Dasalla

At a time before collapsible hoops, every time I would pack for a journey, whether it was to fly halfway around the world, hike up a Colorado mountain trail, or run down to a secluded beach, the two things most important for me to grab were – my poi and my music. Poi-dancing was an instant portal to a flow space that became my sanctuary, a way to reconnect with my body, to the wisdom within, and a path to learning new ways of moving, thinking and being in the world.

Eventually, I answered to a deep and playful calling to create a new line of poi, Soul Flow Poi, designed with the goddess and the sacred feminine in mind. Today, my poi go everywhere my hoops go, and a few places my hoops still don’t go. Including both the hoop and poi in my flow practice cultivates an even deeper level of harmony, balance, and expanded possibility. I highly recommend these poi for all my hoop sisters!

Explore a new way to let your soul flow and feel good about giving back to a loving cause with every set you purchase. Every set is individually custom made with aloha in either Boulder, CO or in Hawaii.

Website: www.SoulFlowArts.com

Email: info@soulflowarts.com

Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/SoulFlowArts

Hoopcamp News- August


Our HOOPS-GIVING retreat takes place within the magical Redwood forests of Northern CA. Our diverse coastal eco-system supports these majestic trees which are the world’s tallest tree – growing to heights more than 370 feet – can live for literally thousands of years, and is characterized by its bright red bark and wood. The redwood is also the California State Tree. On the Pema Osel Ling property ( where we have outdoor massage and performances) you can look up to witness a Redwood Circle or Cathedral Grove which is a living example of trees expressing the spirit of their circular nature!

At Hoopcamp, you will get to pitch your tent and camp under this peaceful and shady forest with other Hoopcampers nearby in numbered and flat camping spaces.

Not only are you surrounded by natural beauty but you feel as if you have been transported to a hidden Tibetan Monestary as you walk the grounds filled with Tibetan sacred objects, prayer filled Stupas and the huge Golden Buddha within the Shrine adjacent to one of our Hoop Workshop spaces. Morning Pujas will delight you with the sounds of Tibetan Instruments and rituals that continue even while we are guests of this sacred and magical community.

Sleep under the majestic redwoods in your very own cozy personal space nearby to other Hoopcampers in tents. Both Camping area A and Camping area B are nearby to all the workshop areas, bathrooms and showers. The Redwoods give you shade all day and Luminarias light your path at night.
Package: $559.00

If you would like to roll into Hoopcamp, have your luggage shuttled nearby to your camping area, and walk over to your already set-up tent that has YOUR name on it, a camp mattress, sleeping bag and pillow awaiting you then this is the upgraded, GLAMP-ING package for you!
Package: $639.00

**Get a Hoopcamp Bad-Ass Bandana and Hoopcamp Water Bottle!** when you purchase a Camping package!

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