Jennifer Sugarwoman-SoulWash Breathwork

SoulWash Breathwork is a Spa for your Soul! Developed by Jennifer Sugarwoman, it merges body movement, meditation and breathwork. Be a part of this empowering and powerful circle and release blocked energies .. unlock the doors to inner dimensions .. rejuvenate your tissues .. refresh your Spirit! In our breath flows the stream of possibility for healing, personal growth, spiritual development, creativity, connection to our embryotic intelligence and wisdom that lies deep beyond our rational minds and into our ancient wisdom and healer that lives deep inside our heart and Soul. Through simple diaphragm breathing techniques, breathers dive into non-ordinary states of consciousness to explore and access their inner landscapes. Working with the elements of fire, water, Earth, air and space — we swim into the waters of our deep unconscious to bring back our magical selves and reconnect with our Souls. Through breath, sound, movement, evocative music and resistance work, we move our energy. SoulWash Breathwork allows one to follow and track sensation, emotion, vision and thought. We release the subtle energies of old patterns and beliefs held in our unconscious that prevent us from living into our full potential. The issues in the tissues respond-and release! Transformation happens! It can realign the body and subtle energies and we flow with imagery, grace and embodiment that open doorways to new fields of perception. It brings joy. It brings conscious awareness to the natural flow of energy that we are made from. It restores balance and we thrive. It is inspiraling and empowering and leaves one feeling a deeper connection to Self, to Spirit, to others. It grows a deeper awareness of body, mind and emotions. It is a Spa for your Soul. SoulWash Breathwork is held in a Shamanic container that allows us to be held by Spirit. Bring your flow toys to play and explore!


Jennifer Sugarwoman is a Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Energist, Hoop Dancer and Bodyworker. She works with a basket filled with many tools, which now includes the hoop! Jen has been in the Healing Arts for over 20 years and teaches the Maitri Breathwork Certification Course internationally. She sees clients in Scotts Valley and Half Moon Bay, providing counseling, spiritual life coaching and energy movement.

Chef Mazi: The Circle of Nutrition

From Life to Death, how foods in process help keep us healthy and whole.

Living foods get a lots of attention, but what are they?  In essence, a living food is something that has an active culture.  Many of the places around the world that we think of as “Cultured” are also in the practice of culturing foods: Japan cultures soy products: miso, tamari, tempeh, etc.; the French have an extensive cheese and wine history; Germany, cheese, krauts, and beer.  There is a magic in these livings foods that gives us a biota so complex it is almost worthless to explain the inner workings.  In addition more and more research is pouring in about the end of life, as plant material is broken down by fungus, producing a vast suite of complex chemistry, and amazing health properties of mushrooms.  There is also a magic in these end processes, and if one looks closely, it is hard to distinguish the process of creation from the process of destruction:  It is here that we find super foods, super nutrients and super health!  Join Health Coach and Medicinal Chef Zachary Mazi on this wondrous adventure into the cultures of life and death in food, and get intimate with the circles of super nutrition!

Jewelry by Caterina Suttin

“Incandescent Coils offers unique and beautiful wire wrapped jewelry featuring  rare gemstones and precious metals spun into one-of-kind works of art. Several of our designs are inspired by hoop dance, including our Hoop Notations series by Brecken Rivara.
These designs are based on Brecken’s documentation of many different hoop movements and we are proud to collaborate with her on this series. We will have several new Hoop Notation designs debuting at HoopCamp this year.”

The Scholarship Drawing

OPENS TODAY- June 9th. Submit your hoop story and photo by filling out our scholarship form.  We will randomly pick three winners from your submissions on Monday, June 23rd to receive complimentary camping packages to Hoopcamp 2014- A Hoops-Giving Celebration. Fill out your application here:–lt4/viewform?usp=send_form

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