Mini Hats by Mary Gargett

These Mini hats are 100% handmade with love love love by me, Mary Gargett!! They are made from 75% recycled materials. My hats are designed with movement in mind.  As a perfect performance hat, they are just the right size to be able to do acrobatics, dance, hoop, stilts, pole, aerials; you name it, while not getting crushed or in the way. Each hat is one of a kind.  If you just want to wear one to a party for some extra yes to your outfit, or rock around performance style, these hats provide all your needs!  They are available in a variety of sizes and come with an adjustable elastic band, alligator clips, or both.  Your choice!!  Custom Orders available.  You can also find them being sold along with other designs at March Fourth Marching Band’s mobile Boutique they set up at each show.  Put a little magic on your head today!