Leela Designs

Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning “Divine Play”, consciously moving through the game of life.
Outfits and jewelry for Goddesses, Pixies and Elves.
Conceptual wear with sacred geometry and crop circle prints/embroidery. Incredibly soft fabric and feminine designs brought to you by Tammy Firefly.

Flashing Panda

At Flashing Panda we strive to provide the coolest LED light-up novelties, raver bling, toys and barware, and to offer you the best service that we can, all at unbelievable low prices! We will bring a limited number of items to HoopCamp that we will consider relevant to the event, however, you may pre-order online from our full catalog and we will bring your order to the event free of charge – no shipping cost! Simply select the pickup shipping option and mention HoopCamp in the comments box.

www.FlashingPanda.com / www.Facebook.com/FlashingPanda / 877-FL-Panda

Synergy FlowArts

Co-creative flow-art innovation and design. A cutting-edge in collaboration, we’ve distilled the best of the spin world to bring our great love of crafting flow play to you with the worlds best ecommerce site. Home of the original Quick Wick and polypro firehoop, our collection expands to include fire staffs, poi, juggling balls and instructional DVDs, along with kevlar sleeves, various custom firehoops and COILS of colored polypro hula hoops!


I aim to inspire, to push you toward your dreams, to awaken your soul’s true love, to bring a smile upon your face, to calm, to nurture, to love, to support the very essence that is you. You are beautiful. You matter. You deserve everything your heart desires. You can make a difference & that time is now.

I’m excited to share love with all of you beautiful hoop goddesses!!! This year I’ll be bringing back beautiful handmade healing gemstone earrings, divine dreamcatchers as well as offering angel card readings and Shamballa healings!

Raquel Monterrey – Shamballa Master

On-Off Body Transitions- Limitless Possibilities


We will investigate on-body to off-body transitions utilizing various grip variations and plane melting.  Lifts and step outs are standard ‘tricks’ we all learn at the beginning of our hoop journey but the focus on doing them the same as our teachers and peers disguises the wealth of transitions we can discover in investigating these somewhat simple movements in more detail.

This workshop enhances creativity and allows the attendees to break out of standard on:off body transitions and form their own repertoire.  Learn a load of new and fun lifts and step outs and a few simple rules to unlock limitless ways of moving from on to off body.

Kenna Hoops is a hugely experienced teacher and has run regular classes in the UK and workshops worldwide for the last 5 years and also teaches worldwide through her online workshops. She has taught hundreds of people to hoop and her student base includes hoop stars in their own right like Nick “Hoop Idol’ Broyd and Elise ‘hoopelise’ Falla.
She almost single-handedly built the Bristol hoopdance community to the multiple award winning state it is now ( Best Hooping Community Hoopie and Revolvie 2012) Shew as nominated for Fire Hooper of the Year and and Female Hooper of the Year in the 2013 Hoopies. Her trick filled videos, clear and comprehensive teaching style, and fearless approach to fire hooping and dedicated passion for heckling has won her many loyal fans.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VC2tWjTF_Xo (most popular)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIaT5cX6q00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23pClljmuFA (most recent)


http://www.hoopingmad.co.uk/touring/ ‎ (scroll down page)