Handstands For Hoopers

PRESENTER: Paige: WORKSHOP: Handstands For Hoopers.    Turn your world upside down with handstands for hoopers! We will explore the basics of getting into and out of handstand safely and effectively as well as techniques to take us to more advanced handstands which can lead to hooping in handstand!

BIO: Paige Wyatt was born doing flips. By the time she was four she was begging her parents to take her to gymnastics lessons. Her love of movement carried her on a path through the world of competitive gymnastics and springboard diving, taking a tour through recreational water sports including scuba diving, windsurfing and yacht sailing. As an adult she found the art of yoga which once again fed her love of being upside down. Once Aerial Acrobatics came into her life she found herself at home completely and truly for the first time since she was a little girl. She was fortunate to have two wonderful teachers from the National Circus School in Montreal, Kevin O’Connor and Terry Crane. These two masters gifted her a unique style of momentum-based movement in the air and helped her continue to develop her addiction for handstanding. She thrives on teaching students of all levels and all ages to find strength and grace in themselves and to go beyond what they believe they can do and find that they can fly! She loves to perform. She has codirected, co-produced and co-starred in three homegrown circus shows in her former home of Santa Cruz. You can find her teaching or performing Corde Lisse, Vinyasa Yoga, and Aerial Cube in San Luis Obispo, CA. When she isn’t flying through the air, she is at home in her yurt taking care of her chickens and goats and trying to figure out how to build a house as high up in the oak trees as possible.



AyaPapaya creates adornments infused with the virtues of earth elements; stones, feathers, and metals.  Our handcrafted pieces are an outward symbol reflecting your inherent beauty.  AyaPapaya accentuates and molds to the coutours of your natural form.  Functional, and versatile, our designs are made for movement, dance and play.

New for 2013 we have our new line of hooded backless dresses, lace tops, and tube scarfs as well as our usual array of body/hair chains, geometric feather earrings, hoods and headdresses.


This clothing is woven from the threads of intention to create wearables for men and women not only to move, flatter and last… but also to make us feel at home and simply comfortable and connected to self. When we dress our selves with care and love beautiful things may unfold in beautiful ways.  Danceable, movable, funky, classy, elegant, elven, cozy and even swimmable. Anything from hot summer days to cold nights, let your self be wrapped up in these threads. Original designs by Margot Leom, made fair trade by people for people who celebrate freedom of movement and expression.

:: Be your self ~ everyone else is already taken :: Oscar Wilde