Trinity Starr Hoops


Co-creators of TrinityStarr, Nessia and Ron Starr, share the belief that Hoopdance unifies and connects the body, mind and spirit.  Through the art of Hoopdance our bodies become fluid with movement, our mind peaceful and quiet, and our spirit, elevated.  Our goal is to share this love, philosophy, and passion with our community by providing beautiful, hand crafted hoops, teaching Hoop classes and being an active participant in the Hoop community.  We have a passion for quality and pay close attention to the tiny details that the Hooper may not even notice.  We feel that every hoop should be created with love and special attention.  TrinityStarr crafts a wide variety of hoops.  Quad (sectional) Travel Hoops, PolyPro Quads, LED Hoops, to Standard Hoops.  No matter where you are in your hooping journey we have the right Hoop for you.  All TrinityStarr Hoops are infused with positive Hoop vibes and loving energy.


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