Hoopcamp News- August


Our HOOPS-GIVING retreat takes place within the magical Redwood forests of Northern CA. Our diverse coastal eco-system supports these majestic trees which are the world’s tallest tree – growing to heights more than 370 feet – can live for literally thousands of years, and is characterized by its bright red bark and wood. The redwood is also the California State Tree. On the Pema Osel Ling property ( where we have outdoor massage and performances) you can look up to witness a Redwood Circle or Cathedral Grove which is a living example of trees expressing the spirit of their circular nature!

At Hoopcamp, you will get to pitch your tent and camp under this peaceful and shady forest with other Hoopcampers nearby in numbered and flat camping spaces.

Not only are you surrounded by natural beauty but you feel as if you have been transported to a hidden Tibetan Monestary as you walk the grounds filled with Tibetan sacred objects, prayer filled Stupas and the huge Golden Buddha within the Shrine adjacent to one of our Hoop Workshop spaces. Morning Pujas will delight you with the sounds of Tibetan Instruments and rituals that continue even while we are guests of this sacred and magical community.

Sleep under the majestic redwoods in your very own cozy personal space nearby to other Hoopcampers in tents. Both Camping area A and Camping area B are nearby to all the workshop areas, bathrooms and showers. The Redwoods give you shade all day and Luminarias light your path at night.
Package: $559.00

If you would like to roll into Hoopcamp, have your luggage shuttled nearby to your camping area, and walk over to your already set-up tent that has YOUR name on it, a camp mattress, sleeping bag and pillow awaiting you then this is the upgraded, GLAMP-ING package for you!
Package: $639.00

**Get a Hoopcamp Bad-Ass Bandana and Hoopcamp Water Bottle!** when you purchase a Camping package!

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The Hoopcamp Circle-June/July

Greetings Hoop Family,
We put the flow together for our 2014 Hoops-Giving Celebration and this year we are circling in the magic from all directions and adding in a great balance of:

**AM workshops that rotate so you can participate in all of them, PM intensives, transforming Hoopcircle Discussions, Hoopjams every afternoon followed by our EPIC receptions with a live Reggae Band on Sat, and evening LED HOOP DANCIN’ to local DJ talent**



Hoopcamp News- Pre-registration Info

Hoopcamp Packages go on sale Sat. March 1st

Indoor Lodging is limited at Hoopcamp and will sell out! Get your tickets early.<-

Early Bird Tickets for the month of MARCH ONLY

This year everyone who joins our Hoops-Giving Family celebration will have access to a Facebook  ‘family’  group for all attendees. Please use this secret page to meet, interact and share with your fellow Hoopcampers 2014. After you register, a link will be sent to you to join us as we co-create the ‘gifts of the gathering.

Join our Hoopcamp family in 2014!

See you all in the Hoop

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Hoopcamp FEB 2014 News-Line up/Registration opens March 1st

Hoopcamp 2014 is happening!


The website got a face-lift and we are pulling together a celebration of all celebrations; a mix of Hoopcamp tradition and new rituals; a co-mingling and creating of our hoop family as it grows every year because -YOU -show up and capture its significance

Together we will dance, break bread, share feasts, give gifts and receive blessings all over the course of 5 days at the start of our fall holiday season.

Get a jump start on the holidays with your hoop family at our yearly gathering in the Redwoods.

Give yourself the’ GIFTS of the GATHERING’ at Hoopcamp 2014


APRIL 2013 – Hoopcamp News- Video Storytelling and More

APRIL 2013 – Hoopcamp News- Video Storytelling and More

As we anticipate our gathering, and the opportunity to connect with so many inspiring people from all over the world, we’re reminded again of how unique we are and how hooping lets us pour forth our creativity through many channels: our choice of adornments, our flow tools, our teaching, our videos and our participation in community to learn and inspire.
We’re starting to collect and share your stories because as Rumi explains..
“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
and that joy is what inspires you to  ‘unfold your own myth.’

This year we’re giving you opportunities at Hoopcamp and beyond to unfold your story and share your light.