Little John the DJ

Dance in your own circle, make the best of where you are. Everywhere you go, learn a new step…never be like them, but know their ways.”
Gypsy Proverb
—One of the ubiquitous fixtures of the Northern California music scene, Little John is more than just a DJ or an icon, he is a force of nature.

Few dare to dive into multiple genres with such intensity, knowledge, and savviness. An extraordinary DJ, producer, remixer, and music historian, he is a creative talent who musically transcends limitations and genres. Whether he’s playing Tech-House, Mid-tempo, Future Bass, or Booty Slap, this innovator unites factions and taps into new levels of creativity just for the art of it. His discerning ear, musically open mind, and the ability to read the crowd and mix the vibe is what sets him apart from the pack. It is a truly unique approach that must be experienced.

He got his start in the creative hot bed of the mid 90’s San Francisco underground House scene, and the incredibly diverse Santa Cruz free party scene. He became a resident of the legendary 13 Moon Tribe, while pioneering the wildly successful Raindance events, which are all still going strong today. Little John has played along side many other first-class musicians, and is regularly requested, with such acts as Bassnectar, Tipper, Mark Farina, A.Skillz. and Fort Knox Five to name a few.

Current musical projects include collaborations with Takuya Nakamura of Cocorosie, and tapping into his gypsy roots, birthing his alter ego Gudada, performing Gypsy Swing, Balkan Beat and Camel Krunk.
“To get high is to forget yourself, to forget your self is to see everything else, to see everything else is to become an understanding molecule in evolution, a conscience tool of the universe.” JERRY GARCIA


The Raindance Campout



Hoopcamp welcomes back TROPO. Live music sets with beats and an electric violin that sets off TROPO’s unique musical fusion. Back at Hoopcamp for the 4th year, TROPO continues to compliment and inspire the Hoop groove.

TROPO has been making a splash in the Electronica scene in California in the past year playing festivals such as Rise Big Sur, Lucidity, Lunacy, Indigo Vortex, Movementplay, Central Coast Oyster Festival and Hoopcamp. With layers of beats, soaring violin and vocal melodies, spectral pads and crunchy bass oscillations, TROPO compels their audience to dig deep within themselves for a reciprocal and energetic journey. Electronic dance music is having a huge impact on music lovers worldwide and TROPO is taking things to the next level by infusing the human element in their all original, uplifting and completely live performance.

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