Sirkka & Katie- If you Build It, They Will Come

If You Build It, They Will Come!

Are you looking to start a Hoop Jam in your community? Does your HoopJam need a touch of that extra special something? This is a circle discussion you won’t wanna miss! Join Sirkka & Kate, from Twirling Girlish, to learn how to broaden & deepen your connection with your community through recognizing your strengths and utilizing  them to tap into your Jams unlimited potential. As seasoned HoopJam and Hoop community creators we will share through our own experience what was most effective and guide you, step by step, on your journey into becoming a HoopJam facilitator extraordinaire!


BIO:  Twirling Girlish is the dynamic hoop duo of Sirkka Aho & Kate McClain.

Sirkka was born in Alaska, raised in Hawaii and was a massage therapist for 13 years. Through her experience as a body worker she developed a deep appreciation of the mind/body/soul connection. This shines through in her distinctive style of performing and teaching hoopdance. She also loves to work with children and young adults, teaching them through hoopdance that they are capable individuals while exploring their own unique dance styles.

Kate McClain is a passionate dancer who evokes emotion and inspires her audience through lyrical dance by spiraling into the intricate ebb and flow that is life. Home grown in New Orleans, jazz and blues are etched into her soul. In her dedication to dance and movement she has expanded her repertoire into hoop dance and acrobatics. She has integrated these two modalities into an extraordinary fusion of acro-hooping, which is akin to acro-yoga. She manipulates the hoop in such a way which, at times, may seem to defy gravity.

Megzz-Riding the Waves- Learning How to Flow

RIDING THE WAVES LEARNING HOW TO FLOW In this topic we will discuss Flow State and how engaging in a regular practice effects our daily lives. In learning how to flow, we can apply these same concepts to the stresses of life outside the hoop. We don’t cry when we drop the hoop, do we? We pick it up and try again. This lesson can be applied to failure in life as well. The art of hoop dance or other movement influences our actions, thought process and the way we communicate with our family, friends and the world. Attendees can share their experiences to cultivate more understand of the benefits of these daily practices.

BIO: GroovinMegzz is a multiple prop performance artist who works towards inspiring others to shine from within. Through dance, movement, fitness and nutrition.  “The Hooping Body” is about embracing the fact that we are athletes of the circle. It’s a practice that requires time and dedication to our bodies! My goal is to inspire all Hoop Dancers to work on their physical conditioning outside of the hoop by strengthening and focusing on flexibility and in turn feel the benefits of this inside the hoop.

Jinju-Awaken Your Inner Fire Through the Power of Science, Story and Soul

The Beauty that Transforms Awaken Your Inner Fire through the Power of Science, Story and Soul
Inspired by her upcoming book and workshop, Beauty that Transforms, Dr. Jinju Dasalla offers a beautiful blend of science and soul in this journey designed to expand your mind and celebrate your inner fire. Part seminar, part personal reflection, learn about research findings from around the world that make a powerful case for the role of the flow arts and dance in somatic healing and transformation. Please bring a journal and a pen.

BIO: Jinju Dasalla, PhD, RYT-200, is a professional life coach, performer, and facilitator who embraces the power of dance, flow arts, and yoga as tools for healing and transformation. With a doctorate in neuroscience and a passion for pioneering new paradigms for personal growth and development, Jinju inspires unique perspectives harmonizing science, art and soul 

The Circle of Nutrition: Chef Mazi

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From Life to Death, how foods in process help keep us healthy and whole.

Living foods get a lots of attention, but what are they?  In essence, a living food is something that has an active culture.  Many of the places around the world that we think of as “Cultured” are also in the practice of culturing foods: Japan cultures soy products: miso, tamari, tempeh, etc.; the French have an extensive cheese and wine history; Germany, cheese, krauts, and beer.  There is a magic in these livings foods that gives us a biota so complex it is almost worthless to explain the inner workings.  In addition more and more research is pouring in about the end of life, as plant material is broken down by fungus, producing a vast suite of complex chemistry, and amazing health properties of mushrooms.  There is also a magic in these end processes, and if one looks closely, it is hard to distinguish the process of creation from the process of destruction:  It is here that we find super foods, super nutrients and super health!  Join Health Coach and Medicinal Chef Zachary Mazi on this wondrous adventure into the cultures of life and death in food, and get intimate with the circles of super nutrition!

BIO: Chef Zachary Mazi

With a BS in Earth sciences, over 8 years working in fine dining, with a background rooted in vegan and vegetarian diets, food sensitivities, herbal medicine, and medicinal mushrooms, Chef Zachary Mazi is on the leading edge of the growing trend of eating our medicine for better health. Inspiring others with his contagious zest for life and living, he helps clients achieve their weight and health goals through delicious recipes, tailored coaching, cooking classes, intuitive healing, and spiritual well being. He currently lives in sunny Santa Cruz, California with his wife Dr. Juli Mazi, ND and daughter Anantya.  He is the owner of Food Is Medicine Health Coaching, and is gaining popularity as an entertaining speaker and healthy lifestyles motivator.  Drawing on a past dotted with intrigue, science, and ancient secrets, he helps people dive deep into their being to release their amazing “cellves” from within!  He is currently helping clients all over the country achieve their ideal weight and feel whole and vibrant like never before!

Shakti & Jacqui- Mean Business

MEAN BUSINESS  Do you feel stuck in your small business? Unable to move forward with an idea on your own? Do you feel alone in the challenges your business is facing? And overwhelmed?   Join Shakti Sunfire, Jacqui Becker and your fellow play professionals for this heart-centered, inspiring and all-out activating Hoopcircle workshop. We’ll guide you in relevant, action-oriented exercises and discussions that will blast your business from future dream to present reality. Come with a pen and notebook.

BIO:Shakti Sunfire is an internationally celebrated empowerment educator through movement, mysticism, and mindfulness practices. A leader of the international hoopdance movement and a dedicated student of life, she has always pulled inspiration first from the Natural World and counts herself blessed to have the wise council of many teachers in her life. Shakti has been identified as an ’emerging woman in leadership’ by Origin Magazine and her empowering message and guidance has effected the lives of many women the world over.    You might have seen her dancing on the Wanderlust Festival main stage, or on the cover of Yoga Journal. A true rolling stone, Shakti teaches workshops, leads retreats, and performs all over the world.  The savvy business woman in her has founded and guided a number of web-based businesses to success from the ground up, and has gotten her published and featured in countless books, articles, images and DVDs. Her passion and playful spirit has won her a variety of awards and graced her with success in all fields of self expression from writing, visionary event planning, and powerful performance, to ignited teaching and leadership; which in her philosophy are all part of the same spiraling journey into the heart.