Warrior Within: Hoopcamp 2017

Warrior Within Warrior Within clothing is made for women in motion, living deliberately, fully, building communities and knowing the power and rippling impact of their actions. The all-in-one garment — the “Onesie” — is the freeing, comfort bodyglove for life. Our Onesie wearers are all around the globe, hooping, dancing, smiling their way through life. Together we are a tribe, living from our hearts, pursuing and sharing our happiness.  We are seekers, we are powerful, we are simply ourselves, and we look good doing it.

Dance Hoops: Hoopcamp 2017

dance hoops Shannon “Inertia” Sealey of Dance Hoops has been hooping since 2008 in the Northern California hoop scene! She loves to share all of her hooping knowledge. From the very beginning, her hoop designs were ideas that stuck in her mind like an image she wished she could draw. “I had a hard time finding affordable hoops – and little to NO clue what I needed to buy in the first place. I would work my job after school for a month and save up to buy the tape. I continued to buy tapes with very little direction about their ultimate purpose.” Today she’s making beautiful, amazing and affordable hoops and will help you find just the right one for you too.

Astral Hoops: Hoopcamp 2017

Astral Hoops Entering our 8th year of business, Astral Hoops continues to pioneer the way in technologically advanced LED flow tools. Our current products include traditional and smart LED hoops, levitation wands, and contact staffs. Our products are handcrafted in our Denver, Colorado workshop. We consider each LED flow tool that we build to be a unique work of art. Our goal at Astral Hoops is to help promote health, community, happiness, and innovation by supporting and encouraging hooping, flow arts, play, technology, wonder and the transformational communities they are a part of.