Savannah HoopStar: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Savannah Hoopstar

Savannah HoopStar: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Savannah HoopStar (FB & @savannahhoopstar_101) comes to us from Boulder, Colorado, USA. She may only be 11-years-old, but she’s been hooping for 4 years and has taken the hoop world by storm! Our Youth Hooper of the Year award winner and the first youth instructor ever to be teaching at Hoopcamp, Savannah has developed some unique talents that are sure to inspire hoopers of all ages. With two years of modern hoop dance under her belt, Savannah began taking rhythmic gymnastic classes and has found some impressive ways to combine the two, fusing rhythmic gymnastics moves into her hoop dance flow. She loves to perform at festivals, talent shows, competitions, and has been in several cirque shows.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Inspired Hoop Dance

We will start with working on some stretching to get the muscles warmed up and work on our flexibility. Then we will be learning illusions and leaps, as well as working on our posture, hand and foot placement to add elegance to our flow. We will also be covering some of my favorite ways to bridge rhythmic gymnastics and hoop dance such as hooping on one foot gracefully, palm spins, cartwheels and transitions. For those that aren’t comfortable doing cartwheels, we will have other things we can work on instead. While more of an advanced class, it can accommodate any skill level too and the entire workshop will be done with a single hoop. Can’t wait to see you there!

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