Melissa “AlbinoPlant” Daly: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

AlbinoPlant 2017

Melissa “AlbinoPlant” Daly: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Melissa “AlbinoPlant” Daly (FB, YouTube & @albinoplant) lives in San Diego, California, USA. An engineer by day and hula hooper by night, Melissa takes a scientific approach to her hoop dance to concoct mind-melting manipulations. Once Melissa caught the hoop bug in September 2013, she was instantly hooked. Now, she teaches workshops at festivals, performs at events and hosts private lessons too. She also performs in group routines with The Hoop Unit, which was nominated for Best Performance Group of the Year by Most recently, she performed at Electric Forest as part of the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe and won Performance Video of the Year in the 2017 Hoopie Awards. Apart from her hooping journey, Melissa also has a strong passion for sustainability and encourages everyone to help save the earth! Check out her Hoopcamp 2017 classes:

Isoflowers in Bloom

This twin hooping workshop will be extremely focused on the isoflower and its many variations. We will explore transitions in and out of two hoop one hand sequences and work towards gaining control over precise hand movements. We will start from basic two hoop one hand exercises before attempting complex manipulations, so twin hoopers of all skill levels are encouraged to attend.

Tipper Tech

A “tipper” refers to a folding hoop manipulation where gravity helps the hoop tip over a part of the body. In this workshop, hoopers will explore many of the possibilities of these unique folds using both single and double hoops. We will learn to diversify our hoop flow by incorporating both our arms and legs into these “tipper” movements. An emphasis will be placed on transitions so all hoopers incorporate the new tech into their own flow.