Benjamin Berry: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Benjamin Berry

Benjamin Berry: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Benjamin Berry is a hoop dancer, instructor, and performer who has been hosting workshops across the country since the summer of 2015. That year he connected with the online hooping community by participating in Hooping Idol Season 5 and the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe contest, ultimately earning him the Hoopie Award for Male Hooper of the Year 2016. His mission is to help others embrace their authentic, eccentric selves, becoming more confident, empowered, and embodied through intentional movement and creative self-expression.

ARMageddon: Arm Roll Technique

This single hoop workshop will delve into the rich and underappreciated realm of arm rolls. Together, we will explore four postures of contact roll technique, as well as three motifs: continuous rolls, reversals, and combinations. Numerous entries will be demonstrated, including from a weave, grip, toss, and balance, as well as transitions and conclusions to the rolls.”

Flashy, Crowd Pleasing Moves

This intermediate hoop workshop will cover moves that are guaranteed to ‘wow’ an audience by demonstrating impressive athleticism, dynamic body language, and control of the hoop. Techniques to be covered include expressive forehead hooping, coinflip variations, the waist wrap (AKA “booty pass”), and the notorious body roll to foot pass. In addition to these, coaching for the most effective use during performances will be provided.