Anah Hoopalicious Reichenbach: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Anah Hoopalicious Reichenbach: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Anah Hoopalicious Reichenbach: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach Anah Reichenbach (FB, YouTube & @therealhoopalicious) has spent the last 20 years performing, teaching and generally obsessing over everything hoop. Credited by many as the founder of the modern incarnation of Hoop Dance, she loves nothing more than to incite hoopiness in others and to guide people to full freedom of expression in the hoop. Born from her commitment to spreading this art form and her love of the planet, Anah founded Hoop Revolution, created the first ever Eco sustainable hoop, and designed the Hoop Revolution Teacher Training Program and the instructional DVD, “Hoop Revolution’s Core Foundation” which became the basis of most hoop dance instruction around the world. With numerous Hoopie Awards to her credit including Instructor of the Year (2009), Anah became the first hooper ever to win the Hooper Hall of Fame award. She teaches workshops around the world and weekly classes in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Bad Ass Body Rocking Hoop Dance

Body Rocking is a hoop dance style defined by an emphasis on mostly on the body hoop DANCE with off body (and on) tricks as punctuation. Are you tired of having to break the hoop or turn in order to keep your hoop in rotation on your body? Want to have more control on body so you can truly let go and dance? Struggling to find flow between on and off body? Come find out what body rocking hoop dance flow is all about! In this workshop you will up level your on body skills and learn some bad ass new tricks to make it all that much sweeter. Open to all levels!

Tandem Hooping with Hoopalicious!

Tandem Hooping is hoop dance with 2 people both inside one larger hoop. It’s playful, energizing and unique. Finding flow in your own hoop is amazing. Finding flow with another person in the hoop with you is nothing short of life changing! Movements covered are back to back, “spooning”, cha-cha, spins, shoulder hooping and angles. Bring your best flowmie or by yourself and be paired up with your new best flowmie. If you have a hoop 45 inches or larger please bring it! I will have a handful to play with, but more is always better.

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