Jasmine Kienne: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Jasmine Kienne Hoopcamp 2017

Jasmine Kienne: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Jasmine Kienne (FB, YouTube & @hothoopdancemama) lives in Austin, Texas, USA, and she began hoop dancing in October of 2012. FitnessHoopDance certified, Jasmine teaches live hoop dance classes and private lessons all over central Texas, as well as online via FaceTime and Skype. During the summer months she enjoys traveling all over America presenting her single and double hooping workshops. Nominated for Hoopie Awards in 3 categories in 2016, and four in 2017. She recently scored her first win too and is 2017’s Hooper of the Year 40+. She’s sponsored by Katie Emmitt Hoops and is absolutely thrilled to be spreading the love of this beautiful flow art through performance and pedagogy. Check out her Hoopcamp 2017 classes:

Twin Hooping Hybrids & Atomics

This workshop is intended for all levels and includes beginner to intermediate material taught in a clear and natural progression. In this workshop we will explore the eight main hybrid elements as well as three atomic elements and how they fit together to create visually-pleasing shapes. We will explore throughout the course of the workshop, genres of concepts and create combinations of skills that fit within them too. This workshop is designed to help the participant learn how to explore twin hooping in a whole new light and unlock skill sets within their own level of expertise.

Twin Hooping Smear Variations

Using the smear as a gateway to transitions in twin hooping is something I have found to be monumental to my twin flow. I will focus my teachings on how to incorporate some beginner to intermediate smear skills into basic twin flow to give a more framed look to the art of twin hooping including skills such as Smear vs Isolation-Gyroscope, Smear vs Folding Half Extension, Smear vs Extension, Smear vs VLI (Vertical Linear Isolation), Smear vs HLI (Horizontal Linear Isolation), Smear vs Pendulum, Smear vs Fold, Forward Weave vs Smear, Reverse Weave vs Smear, Cascading Smear Weave, Smear Fountain – and more if time allows.