Babz Robinson: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Babz Robinson

Babz Robinson: Hoopcamp Instructor 2017

Babz Robinson (YouTube, Facebook & @babzrobinson) hails from Canmore, Alberta, Canada, where she has been rocking the hoop since 2003. She’s scored Hoopie Awards for Hooping Instructor of the Year (2013), Hooping Tutorial of the Year (2013), Hooper of the Year: Canada (2016), as well as the prestigious Hooper Hall of Fame Award (2016). A pioneer and iconic hooper on the platforms of Shambahla, Motion Notion and other festivals throughout Western Canada, Babz has always been passionate about sharing her skills, enthusiasm, and love of all things squishy.

She’s been teaching hooping workshops at festivals and on her home turf, as well as trained hoopers who have gone on to teach their own classes across Canada and beyond. Babz is also well-known for her awesomely advanced, professional and incredibly helpful hooping tutorials that she shares with the world for fun and for free. If Babz is making something, it’s gonna be good! Check out her Hoopcamp 2017 classes:

Cool Ass Coin Flips

Ready to level up your coin tosses – or even just plain learn them?! We will start with the fundamentals of coin tosses to build a base for the bad ass, then begin adding more and more awesome – creating combos, exploring and tapping into your own creativity, all while learning epic coin flip based tricks to infuse your flow with fresh and dynamic three dimensional movement.

All The Duck Outs!

Duck outs are awesome and can be elusive for many hoopers, but fear not! Babz is here! This workshop is for all levels of duck outers! Whether you’re still aiming for your first one, or are working on shoulder to shoulder or elbow passes, Babz is going to seriously up your duck out game! Wear a tank top or sports bra and bring a range of hoops if you’ve got them.