Morgan Jenkins: Hoopography!


And 5,6,7,8…Hoopography! Morgan Jenkins of the Hooptown Hotties will show you what it takes to focus your flow into moves for the stage and camera, using classic dance 8-counts. Hoopers will learn Morgan’s principles of Hoopography, and apply them as the entire class learns a short hoop routine!  This class is designed to improve your performances, put the DANCE in your hoopdance, and show you how easy it is to get in sync with your hoop & friends. All levels of hoopers are encouraged to attend.


Morgan Jenkins (Miss Mo’Jangles) is a Los Angeles-based hooper and co-founder of the performance group, Hooptown Hotties. She danced as a child but quickly turned to other pursuits including cinematography. She followed her love of filmmaking from her native North Carolina to Los Angeles, but never lost her appreciation for sharp dance moves and a strong stage presence. While working as a TV/Film camera assistant, Morgan began taking dance lessons again and performing with the LA dance crew R.A.I.D. It was while performing with R.A.I.D. in 2012 that Morgan saw a hoop dancer for the first time and realized she had found her calling. She turned her attention to hooping both through practice and performance and through her filmmaking. She began to perform in Las Vegas and LA and co-founded the Hooptown Hotties, who have been nominated for a Best Performance Troupe of the Year Hoopie two years running. Morgan quickly brought hooping into the limelight by performing in music videos for Pharrell Williams, Calvin Harris, Vintage Trouble, and Bakermat and making appearances in TV shows such as The Mindy Project & Workaholics.  She also became a member of the international hooping community by joining the 2014 Electric Forest Hoop Troupe, teaching hoop workshops in LA and filming the Sacred Circularities Retreat in Bali.

Morgan draws inspiration for her unique performance style from such pop icons as Britney Spears and Beyonce and has become known for her sexy, playful sequences and polished technique. She loves bringing together her passion for hooping and filmmaking, creating videos for Hooptown Hotties, Spin FX, Sacred Circularities, Hoopnotica & Hoop Dimensions and she enjoys teaching others how to express their personality through their hoop flow. She is excited to see where hooping will take her next!