Anah Reichenbach: Partner Hooping with Hoopalicious

Partner Hooping with Hoopalicious

Partner hooping or “Tandem Hooping”  is fun, playful and unlike any other hooping you will ever do! Hooping together is truly special and It is my great pleasure to guide you and a friend towards full partner hoop flow. Please bring a buddy and get ready to feel a new kind of connection and dance flow!

If you have a hoop over 48 inches please bring one. I will have some to play with but the more the merrier!


Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach has spent the last 17 years performing, teaching and generally obsessing on everything hoop. Credited by many as the founder of the modern incarnation of Hoop Dance, she loves nothing more than to incite hoopiness in others and to guide people to full freedom of expression in the hoop. Her earthly benchmarks are too many to mention but you can find them listed on