Michelle Nayeli: Hoop Vinyasa

Hoop Vinyasa

Experience a unique form of mind-body-awareness training using a hoop and Prana Flow-inspired vinyasa sequences. Integration of the Hoop invites greater opening throughout the body, while honing one’s sensitivity, balance, and embodiment of energetic alignment. Inspired by Shiva Rea’s Prana Danda Flow, a circular hoop reveals alignment and energy flow through shape rather than spinning in the dance. All levels.



Michelle Nayeli lives for that nameless connection to the ecstatic divine which we often call ‘flow’. A life-long dancer-yogini turned hoop-devotee at first sight of Spiral rockin’ in 2005, Nayeli has taught Yoga, AcroYoga, and Hoopdance at studios, festivals, and on the road for the past 15 years. She is a teacher trainer on the faculties of Avāhana School of Yoga & Expressive Healing Arts, Balanced Action Yoga, Hoop Vinyasa, and the Wanderlust Yoga Teacher Training. She is grateful to her Maha teachers~ Mother Earth, Shiva Rea- whom she assists regularly, John Friend, Tias Little, Tim Miller, and the global AcroYoga tribe, for her thousands of hours of training and endless inspiration. Michelle offers a variety of practices that synthesize Tantric philosophy, intelligent biomechanics, and the universality of dance as pathways toward the state of ‘yoga’. She believes we can reach the state of yoga in many ways, dance being possibly the most universal embodied way humans connect to something greater, whether our own essence or the shared experience of the collective. Her message is one of intimacy with life, wisdom of natural patterns, somatic sustainability, playfulness and presence within the flow.