Caterina Suttin: “Rockin’ and Rollin”

“Rockin’ and Rollin”  
This year at Hoopcamp I am trilled to share a rolls workshop. Focusing primarily on hand rolls and the many variations that can be explored with such a simple and subtle trick.  We will play with many combinations and transitions that include, but are not limited to Isolations, cat-eye Isolations and extensions. We will also play with a full contact body rolls as well as the many ways we can interrupt the hoops journey on the body to add extra rotations only to place the hoop back on the body to complete to roll from another location. In my opinion few things feel as good as a clean full body contact roll with a hoop and this technique is something I am trilled to share. We will also touch on a few horizontal body rolls and coin roll variation.
Caterina Suttin is Hoop Dance performer and teacher and she has been touring the USA, Mexico, Asia and Europe since early 2012. She was voted co-female hooper of the year and fire hooper of the year in‘s 2014  Hoopie Awards. Caterina has attended Hoopcamp several times is each time it had been a truly transformational event for her. Caterina has been hooping actively since July 2009 and it has completely changed her life and taken her further then she could have ever imagined.
Caterina Suttin started making jewelry many years before she started hooping and the crossover between her arts is really quite amazing. They are both outlets for the same magic spiral inspired energy. She was first inspired to make jewelry by the Artisans in Mexico and various parts of Central and South America. Starting with beading and macrame, Caterina discovered a love for seeing her work displayed on her friends and family members. In 2003 Caterina was introduced to wire work and to this day she is constantly amazed by how much is possible. It is per passion.
Her intention when wrapping stones is to enhance their natural beauty, allowing their textures, colors and shapes to guide their transformation into wearable art. With every piece she creates, she discovered new ways of creating ornate patterns with wire, while allowing herself to continuously be inspired by many different cultures, arts and types of jewelry from all over the world.