Stefan Pildes: The Hoop is a Powerful Tool

The hoop is a tool, a very powerful tool. One that can show and make us into our ideal, most radiant version of ourselves.

By offering a means of personal transformation, meditation and physical practice the hoop transformed Stefan Spins into a performer, a teacher, a maker, a community leader.

How has the hoop changed you? Lets have a discussion about the transformative power of this very simple tool and how we can continue to develop into our highest self.


Since 2000, Stefan has been the nexus for all hooping activity in New York City. He has taken the hoop to new heights with his creation: GrooveHoopsâ„¢. Stefan’s unique hoop style and clown training, creates a pleasure for audiences of any age. For the past 15 years, Stefan has taught the GrooveHoops curriculum at events, parties, festivals and gatherings all over the world