Start the Music: Our Presenter Lineup Begins

**The First Round of Hoopcamp Presenters 2015!**
Get ready to put on your top hat, your best hoop and tails and step out with these class acts of the Hoop World.

**Bags and Valentina**-We’re so honored to have this dynamic couple sharing their eclectic pizzazz.

**Caterina Suttin-** We just can’t ever get enough of the wonky, the wobbles and the wonder

**Tiana Zoumer**- Pure inspirational poetry in motion, we are always captivated by her movement.

**Caitlin Hoffer**- Santa Cruz’s Local Isopuppy Rock Star helps us take it to the next level

**Bex Burton**- Always shows us how to move with grace while being fully present in our body.

**The Hoop Hooligans**- We’re lucky to have this dynamic duo traveling through again to grace us with their mad skills. A top-notch, high energy class act not to be missed.

**Erin Shredder**- A dazzling diva that delights us and shows us how to hoop and live with courage and conviction.

**Matt Poretta**- He just makes it look so easy and effortless. This hoop prodigy and stellar teacher will break all those crazy tricks down to their essence for you to dance with.

**Babz Robinson**-We’re so excited to have Babz back because she’s just so full of energy and so much fun. She’ll have you smiling, giggling and mastering those moves you never thought you could pull off.

**Maiki Nope**- Those dreadlocks never seem to get in the way of this flow master. Be assured that you will always catch him in action while offering never ending tips and technique.

**Stefan Pildes**- A Hoopcamp legend, Stefan returns with red nose and more to share his humor, creative style and performance presence to captivate us with unlimited silliness.

And more Magic to come!
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