Richard Hartnell: Flow Philosophy & Spirituality

Flow Philosophy & Spirituality

Many artists, whether movement artists or not, describe the depths of their practice as “”meditative”” or “”mystical.”” Some days it’s easy to fall into 15-30 minutes of blessed practice in a row, then look at the clock to find that two hours has gone by. What’s going on here? Why does this feel so significant? Why do so many hoopers say things like “”hooping saved my life?””

In this class we’ll look at the literature from ancient spirituality and modern psychology to ask deep questions. How do we find our purpose in movement arts? How and why do we define technique? How do we manage ego in a business that requires us to get on stage and show off how fabulous we are? What is the cosmic significance of the circle… and the circus? No props necessary; egos welcome.”


Richard Hartnell is among the most distinguished American contact jugglers. In 2008, Richard was a co-founder of the Bellingham Circus Guild in northwest Washington State; in 2009, he relocated to the Vulcan, the collective of circus artists in Oakland, California, to perform full-time. A generalist in the style and direct lineage of Michael Moschen, Richard spends most of his time offering classes and performances across the west coast and many pieces of Europe. In the cold season he returns to Santa Cruz to study science, choreograph new material, and teach circus arts at Aerial Arts Santa Cruz.

“Ace” –Drew Bachelor, author of Multiball Contact
“Beautiful” –SF Bay Guardian
“In the very top percent of contact jugglers skillwise” –