Matt Porretta: Facilitated Skill Share

A Few of My Favorite Things / Facilitated Skill Share
Single Hoop:

I will create a few combinations prior to our gathering and at the beginning of this Intensive the class will vote to select their most preferred to least preferred. Starting with the most we will break down the movements and get the whole class moving in unison to their favorite combination. After working with a combination of movements to stimulate some ideas, we will collaborate as a class to create a unique movement combination which we all have some influence on. Going around to each individual in the class we will build upon what our classmates have laid down as a foundation. The goal here is to open the floor to students to actively engage in creating new combinations with some influences of themselves to feel comfortable with. Not only will we walk away from this intensive with new ideas but also hopefully open ourselves up to interacting with our fellow Hoop-Camp attendees for the remainder of the event.


From sharing a hoop with 5 friends at Rowan University in South Jersey, to taking the stage at Electric Forest & Hoop Camp in 2013 Matthew Porretta’s journey has always been rooted in the community. In 2014 he attended and taught at several different flow-events and come the spring of 2015 he will be graduating from Rowan University and looking to start a new chapter. Driven by a love for not only teaching, but learning and sharing experiences, Matt is incredibly excited to return to Hoop Camp for a 3rd year and welcome everyone to the new space.