Hoopcamp News- 2015 Presenter Line Up, Packages and MORE!

As we turn over a new leaf and enter into new endeavors, adventures and possibilities for our coming year, we face with renewed vision and focus our dreams and aspirations for 2015. It’s time to shed the limitations and embrace the full circle of our power to manifest that which makes us feel our BEST because when we truthfully know and feel that we are exemplifying our most grounded and highest self, others are inspired by the magic we radiate. How then can we polish our ‘shine’ to its biggest and brightest eminence?
All the glitter, LED lights and sparkle tape are just a small part of this shine that comes most powerfully through BELIEVING!

We here at Hoopcamp Headquarters have been believing, polishing and keeping the dream alive. We are beyond excited to announce the first round confirmation of our **CLASSIEST LINE-UP** yet of **WORLD FAMOUS HOOP DANCE PROFESSIONALS!** at our new DREAM LOCATION in the Redwoods for Hoopcamp 2015.

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