Evan Davis: Double Hoops, Single Jazz Hand

Double Hoops, Single Jazz Hand:

Will be a twin hooping workshop focusing on keeping body movement while working on technical movements with two hoops in one hand. We’ll start the workshop by establishing a framework in which we can explore movements of two hoops in one hand. Focusing on different grips, we’ll lead through the different positions we’ll most commonly find ourselves in with two hoops in one hand. After running through techniques such as infinity switches, static grip changes, and one hand hybrids, we’ll start exploring how the rest of our body’s movement affects the illusions on our hoop hand. Workshop will finish up with a group exercise to explore dramatic movements such as jump-throughs and getting to the ground.


New Yorker based in Boulder, Colorado, Evan Davis has been teaching and performing hoop and general prop manipulation since 2011. Having started with poi, he quickly developed a passion for double and off-body multiples with hoops. Sticking with the poi background, he brings that knowledge of technical spinning into his teaching style. Past taught events include Return 2 Roots, Flowstorm, The Spin Summit, Florida Flow Fest, and Wildfire, as well as local hoop workshops in NYC and workshop events at the Boulder Circus Center. Evan is very excited to make his first teaching venture to the west coast to join the presenters of Hoopcamp 2015!