Soul Flow Poi by Jinju Dasalla

Soul Flow Poi by Jinju Dasalla

At a time before collapsible hoops, every time I would pack for a journey, whether it was to fly halfway around the world, hike up a Colorado mountain trail, or run down to a secluded beach, the two things most important for me to grab were – my poi and my music. Poi-dancing was an instant portal to a flow space that became my sanctuary, a way to reconnect with my body, to the wisdom within, and a path to learning new ways of moving, thinking and being in the world.

Eventually, I answered to a deep and playful calling to create a new line of poi, Soul Flow Poi, designed with the goddess and the sacred feminine in mind. Today, my poi go everywhere my hoops go, and a few places my hoops still don’t go. Including both the hoop and poi in my flow practice cultivates an even deeper level of harmony, balance, and expanded possibility. I highly recommend these poi for all my hoop sisters!

Explore a new way to let your soul flow and feel good about giving back to a loving cause with every set you purchase. Every set is individually custom made with aloha in either Boulder, CO or in Hawaii.



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