Hoopcamp News: Mid-August!

As of today, August 14th, we have just 6 weeks until Hoopcamp!
The count-down keeps spinning us towards the magic. We’ve added so much in the last few weeks and we want to share the big news with you!

Most importantly, we are excited about really exploring our Hoops-Giving theme this year. Just by joining our gathering and participating wholeheartedly you are already expressing the huge value that sharing your energy and passion with other creative and inspiring people brings.


To help us live and dance our theme of giving and receiving in community we are asking for you to bring your gratitude for all that hooping has spun in and out of your life and then reach down into that well of JOY that gets activated by being in the zone with so many amazing people at our magical Tibetan Sanctuary- and pull out your gratefulness- to post on our **GREAT WALL OF GRATITUDE**
Manila luggage tags like the one in the image above will be provided for you. Bring other items to hang as we co-create together.

We all have gifts to share and tapping into our unique gifts and talents and then sharing them is our birthright and spins out JOY and HAPPINESS.

**Let’s CIRCULATE our gifts at our Hoops-Giving Celebration!**

On each dining table at Hoopcamp we will place a basket of manila gift tags. To participate, write down your gift you would like to share with someone at Hoopcamp. It can be teaching a move, giving a 5 min massage, showing someone how to do something that you know, a compliment, sharing your favorite quote or poem, or something that you’ve made or brought- just whatever moves you to share. Then over the course of our gathering find someone to GIVE that gift too.
The gifts of the gathering will be IN MOTION at Hoopcamp 2014!

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