Hoop Dance Fundamentals with Anah, Aya, Sirkka & Kate

We’re offering a three part Hoop Dance Fundamentals series in the afternoon on Thurs, Fri and Sat at Hoopcamp.
Fine tune your fundamentals from four different Hoop Dance Professionals.  Get expert advice and tips on those moves you want to master while challenging yourself with new transitions and movement.


Iso-Translation- Sirkka and Kate

Iso-translation is your beginners guide to the abstract isolation galaxy!
Isolations are those fun moves that play tricks on your eyes!
In this class you will learn fundamental skills to mystify your audience with simple slight of hand secrets. 😉
So come get your celestial bodies rockin’ with these groovy off body moves!!!


Playing in the Vertical Plane for Beginners – Aya Papaya

Isolations, Coin Flip, Jump Throughs, we’ll be going over beginner off body moves, and how to transition into them from on body, blending new tricks into your flow!


Intro to Shoulder hooping with Hoopalicious!-– Anah Reichenbach

Shoulder hooping feels SO amazing… once you finally get it that is. Which can feel so NOT amazing on the way to mastery. There is nothing to fear though, the road to grace is paved with awkward  With Hoopalicious as your trusty guide, get support on your shoulder hooping journey and make BIG progress! Bring a large hoop for ease of practice and a big dose of levity for enjoyment of process.