Shellie White

Shellie White is a freelance Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, who travels the world spreading love with her hands, hoops and heart-centered way of life. She has been offering massage at The HoopCamp and HoopPath Retreats since 2009, and is so grateful for the opportunity to serve the hoop community in such a way. Being an avid hoop dancer of four years, as well as a Qi Gong, Breath Work & Yoga instructor, Shellie is very aware of the mechanics of the human machine. Her bodywork is an intuitive and educated flow. Petite yet strong, Shellie delivers the ‘perfect pressure’ per person, per body part, per moment. Many claim she has ‘magic hands’. While receiving her massage, often recipients experience deep and profound realizations by allowing themselves to truly feel their body, and the emotions stored within. Shellie holds a compassionate space for old patterns, trauma and injuries to simply leave the body, creating space for more miracles and blessings in everyday life! To receive a massage from Shellie is an honor to your body temple, a silence to your mental chatter, a clearing for your sacred soul and an opening for your humble heart.

To connect with Shellie please visit for all contact information. Aloha and Healthy Hooping!