PRESENTER: Shellie White Light.  This workshop is for those who wish to take it to the next level through breath, movement & prayer.
Immerse yourself in this all-inclusive practice that incorporates the Teachings of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Breath Work into the graceful art of Sustained Spinning and fluid flow.
The goal is to truly open the heart while discovering your own unique connection to The Flow through direction, plane changes, The Sufi Practice of ‘Whirling’. This has inspired many hoop dancers to spin their souls into a blissful state. This course, based on these ancient teachings, is designed to take you into a deep state of Divine Union through movement meditation, breath, and balance. No matter where you are in your practice, these techniques will unlock the juicy creative realms within to enhance your divine dance on ALL levels!
With a curriculum designed to increase your vibration so you can physically feel it, participants will walk away with a new sense of self and service to the Circle. Join us, as we discover the most profound parts of ourselves together!

Seven-year massage therapist, five-year hoop dancer, 28-year devotee to living the life she loves, Shellie’s purpose on this planet is to activate others into their highest potential! Through healing foods, poetic inspiration, teaching, performing, personal practice and the online personality she embodies known as The Healthy Hooper, she has created a container for folks from all walks of life to be inspired and uplifted. Teaching and performing at festivals and gatherings around the world is Shellie’s ultimate passion.
She has honed her skills of teaching and performance through traveling, learning from foreign cultures and west coast festival culture, absorbing the infinite beauty all around, through her continued passion for healing work, and by truly experiencing the moment at hand. Follow adventures on facebook, stay inspired through her blog, and keep posted on her schedule as she is coming to a city near you by visiting: www.thehealthyhooper.com
Aloha, G’Day and Blessings