SoulFlow Poi: A Beginner Poi Dance Workshop with a Soulful, Sexy and Inspirational Twist

PRESENTER: Jinju Dasalla WORKSHOP: Soul Flow Poi: A Beginner Poi Dance Workshop with a Soulful, Sexy and Inspirational Twist.

Based on her program, Beauty that Transforms, Dr. Jinju Dasalla will guide a journey of graceful flow and cultivation of wholeness through the art of poi-dancing. In addition to learning the basics (directions, timing, planes, basic stalls, weaves and turning), we will explore the art of subtle movement and relationship with poi as dance partner, teacher, healer and sanctuary. We will play with curious minds, open hearts and step gracefully into new, expanded ways of being, all the while, keeping it soulful, sexy and inspirational. Poi will be available for use and for purchase.

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BIO: Jinju Dasalla, PhD, holistic educator and guide, divine movement artist, master of joyful inspiration is truly unique in the world of pioneering new paradigms for personal growth and development. As a professional life coach with a doctorate in neuroscience, Jinju embraces the power of dance and the flow arts as tools for healing and transformation.

Beauty that Transforms (the workshop, the journey and the upcoming book) is her way of sharing the art, science and practice of the flow arts with the world in the context of healing, transformation, and grace.

You can find her teaching or performing in Colorado, California and Hawaii, where she serves as the resident life coach and flow arts instructor at the Still and Moving Center in Honolulu. As co-founder of Soul Flow Arts, creator of Soul Flow Poi, and visionary leader of upcoming transformational Soul Flow Retreats, she consistently brings forth elements of passion, purpose and possibility to all of her creative endeavors. Above all, however, is the invitation to be boldly vulnerable and to open one’s heart.