Fine Lines

PRESENTER: Shakti Sunfire

WORKSHOP: Fine Lines

This workshop is an intensive exploration in refinement and discovery of chest rolls, body rolls and full extensions. We’ll pull apart and dive into the turn-key, precise technique of a successful roll, as well as explore a variety of creative rolls off-body. Bring your lightest hoop.

Shakti Sunfire is an internationally celebrated empowerment educator through movement, mysticism, and mindfulness practices. A leader of the international hoopdance movement and a dedicated student, she has always pulled inspiration first from the Natural World and counts herself blessed to have the wise council of many teachers in her life.

You might have seen her dancing on the Wanderlust Festival main stage, or on the cover of Yoga Journal. A true rolling stone, Shakti teaches workshops, leads retreats, and performs all over the world.

The savvy business woman in her has founded Radiant Hoopdance and Synergy FlowArts and gotten her published and featured in countless books, articles, images and DVDs. Her passion and playful spirit has won her a variety of awards and graced her with success in all fields of self expression from writing, visionary event planning, and powerful performance, to ignited teaching and leadership; which in her philosophy are all part of the same spiraling journey into the heart.